Olivia Combs

by Olivia Combs/John Smith

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I wrote this album (mostly) in 2014. It's about personal development and overcoming your inadequacies and fears. I recorded the basic tracks at my old house in two weeks in September 2015 (starting as soon as I uploaded "Whatever Happened..."). Paper Girl and a few overdubs were recorded at my new house in April 2016. I wanna thank my friends who listened, offered advice and listened to my rants and extend those feelings of gratitude to my family for all the support they've given to me!


released May 11, 2016

Olivia, as usual, played all the drums, basses, guitars, vocals, keyboards, etc. John Smith didn't do shit but said he'll try harder on the next album.



all rights reserved


Olivia Combs/John Smith Lisbon, Portugal

The world's #1 Olivia Tremor Control tribute band! Or something.

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Track Name: Mother
Just get up and create
Your masterpiece today
The tomorrow you put your hopes on
Will soon be an yesterday

The artist is to art
What he mother is to the child
Don't feel restrained, create the sounds of change
Let your imagination run wild

Live happy and free,
Don't just try to survive
Let's enjoy every moment
Of our pathetic little lives

You might not be perfect
But try to enjoy life just as much
As the happiest of us all
Don't let your sadness be your crutch

Don't waste your time
Run before you have nowhere to go
Demand nothing and everything
Don't be content with so and so
And smile at the world
That goes on outside your window
Track Name: The Pixie and the Phantasm
Nobody could see him as clearly as she did
Wednesday was a girl with a very special friend
They used to play in her bedroom all day long
And he promised they'd be together till the end

He was the only one she called a friend
But that detail never seemed to matter
A defeated childhood with emotions crystallised
But now she was happy, couldn't feel any better
And the ghost said

Don't you care, I'll be everywhere

She heard someone saying that ghosts aren't real
The shock in her eyes could never be faithfully replicated
You could see the tears of insecurity tainting her face
The explanation for which isn't that much complicated

The years passed, no confirmation was needed
The doubt was seeded permanently in her head
There was no way he could possibly exist
But accepting such truth seemed scarier than death
And she heard

Why are you disappearing?
Please, please don't go!
Why can't you come with me?
Don't leave me alone!

You couldn’t fathom why this had to happen
Dear Wednesday you did nothing wrong
These kind of things happen to everyone
Adulthood’s here, your friend’s gone

It’s a new beginning
So put you stuff in your backpack
She’s a big girl now
And she won't look back
Make some new friends
And find your way
And when you're ready
Step into the new day
Track Name: White Orchids
Looking at me asking how I got carried away
By all the bad things that have crossed my way
As I remember things I should never have done
How I shouldn't care when you're gone
I still can't figure what went wrong
Maybe loving you was too impossible a task
Bet you don't even know this song's for you
And I can't help but ask
What feeds your passion?

If today I feel like this I'm afraid of what tomorrow will bring
I can’t remember when I turned into this strange human being
On the train these visions merge with the landscape
Shading this reality from which I can't escape
Thinner are the walls that separate right and wrong
Than the line that separates me from you
And I know that all the hearts you've broken
Now feel the same way I do
Whatever feeds your passion
Track Name: Strange Days
When we have strange days we realize
That our strange ways are really nice
Hiding for an hour or so, nobody knows
Where's the place where I host my secret shows
It hurts when you fail but only for a while
Don’t hide beneath a veil with a big smile

You're nobody's child
So come on and kiss me little girl
You make me wild
Yes you know how to shake my world

I need music that reminds me of you
Even when you’re away my little kangaroo
I’ve been walking around since you’ve been gone
Trying to figure out what’s going on
But I won’t fight to keep the pain
Inside the shelter of my brain

But who would have thought it wouldn’t be real
All the things I tried so hard to conceal
I love the way you talk to your pets
I’m so happy and I want to be with you till the end

Their heads were spinning madly to and fro
I'm sorry ladies and gentleman but now it's time to go
Track Name: Paper Girl with the Strawberry Ponytail
You're my muse, allow me to be your artist
And let me live in all your dreams
Your eyes contain whispered mystery
Your lips are so obscene
I wanna collect your electric tears
And, hopefully, love you for many years
I wanna make you laugh till you cry
I wanna be the one who makes you sigh

There's so much I want to tell you
But everyday you become someone new
I feel overwhelmed by your beauty
Shall a goddess envy you?
In everything I do you are the one I see
Tell me, will you ever love me?
I wanna make you laugh till you cry
I wanna be the one who makes you sigh

I wanna sit in the park
With you and make you smile
Guess I'd love to be with you
If only for a little while
And I don't know
What's up with my mind
Will I ever be yours?
Will you ever be mine?

In your hair I see waterfalls
A crimson sun in your cheek
I will smile when I talk to you
and bow down before I hear you speak
To hold you and to kiss you somehow
I wonder where are you right now
I wanna make you laugh till you cry
I wanna be the one who makes you sigh
Track Name: Queen of Spades
The Queen of Spades woke up
In an hospital bed today
Despairing with the feeling
That her dreams are fading away
She hid all her fears
In multicolored celluloid fantasies
Completely unaware of the world
And its secret intricacies

The Queen of Spades knew
That she could fight all evil
And that nothing would matter
As soon as she pressed the needle
She knew that people only cared
About you when you're dead
And that to reach immortality
You just have to put a bullet in your head

And it's not like it wasn't expected
One day it was just too much to bear
And there's no need for such selfish acts
When the mask becomes a burden to wear

Who could've foreseen such a thing
She was a beauty queen in her prime
They despaired at the thought
That they just saw her for the last time
But a decision was made
And now was the perfect time
To embrace life
And to completely change her mind

Her friends said "You're so brave
We knew you could change your life around
We didn't know the state you're in
Your weeping was the strangest of sounds"

The last thing she saw were those drunk eyes
And the realization of a wasted opportunity and a sigh
The Queen of Spades died last night
Without a chance to make amends or to make things right
Track Name: The Man Without Qualities
Just how many people
Sell their souls to fake brotherhoods
I guess it's safe to say that sometimes
The world doesn't work like it should

There he is sitting silently on the bench in the park
Looking at the people while the dogs bark
Going home as the sun goes down
Returning by the beginning of day
He could disappear and nobody would notice
And maybe he just doesn't matter anyway
Nobody knows a thing about his past defeats or vitories
They just call him the Man Without Qualities

Just one of many people...

I followed him home and he noticed me and asked me to come in
It was the most weirdly familiar place I’d ever been in
I asked if I knew him and he refused to answer
And I didn't feel like asking why
He lead me to his living room
And on the wall was a mirror hanging high
And I became as surprised as one can be
When in that mirror I found no one but me