Whatever Happened to the Cosmic Dream?

by Olivia Combs/John Smith

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Recorded in my bedroom during the summer of 2015.
All songs written by Olivia Combs in 2010-2013, except Invisible Man, written in 2015


released September 15, 2015

Olivia Combs - Guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

John Smith did all the recording and mixed the record.



all rights reserved


Olivia Combs/John Smith Lisbon, Portugal

The world's #1 Olivia Tremor Control tribute band! Or something.

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Track Name: The Last Man on Earth
Alone on this planet, feeling paranoid
Can’t get no sleep or rest
A strange feeling tells me
That I’ll be next
I feel my heart pounding
While I cross these empty streets
But does that really matter
When you don't know what's below my feet

I cannot remember
The last time I saw your face
I’m the last man on earth
And this is a lonely place
(Yes it is)

Abandoned on this planet, feeling alone
Can’t remember seeing a person in years
Won't be defeated by loneliness
But by my fears
The only difference
Between the day and the night
Is that one’s dark
And the other one is bright

I do not remember...
Track Name: The World Hates You, Invisible Man #2
I can't seem to do anything right
And there he is taking the spotlight
I know that soon no one will talk to me
And I'll disappear completely
Why do I lose everyday?
There must be some other way
To make me stay, if only in their heads

Why it's only them that are allowed to win
Happiness is a place in which I can't get in

Where does the individual end
And the parody begins
Why do courage and dreams die
And guilt is all that ever remains
Wish I could figure out why
Everyday I find a new way to die
The worst part about resigning is admitting it

People watching your every mistake
Laughing at you when you want to cry
And you leave as you ask yourself
Is it really worth the try?
I feel there's always so much at stake
And I can't cope with every mistake I make
Should this be it?
Track Name: Skullfucker (Gazelle)
There's no yesterday and no tomorrow
Time just flows

Where did we come from where will we go?
No one knows

Outside of my mind
Nothing is real
The only proof of your
Existence is how you make me feel

I'm no longer afraid
I projected my dreams in the sky
Track Name: Have You Ever...
Have you ever done something wrong?
There were things in which you were the best
But nobody in this world is perfect at all
And something went wrong in the past
Have you ever stopped to think about you?
And waited just a moment to reflect
About how you were before?
When you didn’t care about senseless facts

I don't know what to do
To make them see
That I have common sense
And this is not the real me
It should be clear to them
That I'm not that strong
But admitting it would mean defeat
And in my mind I know I'm wrong

Have you ever tried to apologize
For all the things that you’ve done?
Admitted that you were wrong
And regretted all this has begun?
At last have you ever guessed
That, in fact, you are me
And this is the person
I came to be?
Track Name: The Carbon Skull Blues
I thought I could change the world
As I got out of my bed
But years of fears kept me chained
And the revolution is still inside my head

You tell me I should quit
'Cause there ain't no use
In trying to get away
From these apocalyptic blues
Post-apocalyptic blues